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The MAG principals have a combined track record of business success demonstrated across a wide range of industries.


They are committed to continually improving and providing best-in-class real estate systems and solutions and prides itself on identifying discounted values by leveraging relationships, reputation, and experience.


Our consortium of partnerships has yielded nearly 1.4 Billion of properties and more than 22,500 units across 16 states and 45 cities. We presently control over 10,000 units as of 2020.



Glenn Mendoza Profile Image

A true entrepreneurial spirit and an exemplary track record of technical business ownership. He is the founder of a number of successful companies including Tru Cal International Calibration Labs, NUB Alliances, Cabinet Brothers, Multifamily Acquisition Group (MAG), and founding principal of Capital Smart Investments.
 Founded in 1991 Tru Cal expanded it’s test equipment sales arm to over 30 countries and provided primary calibration services to a variety of companies including fortune 100 and 500 corporations.

A founding principal of CapSmart acquisitions assembling a team of REI professionals in 2012 specializing in acquiring 200 units and larger apartment communities in over 6 states equating to 300 million in assets and raising over 65 million dollars in equity. Glenn was a part of developing a unique “Occupied Rapid Unit Renovation” model that allows complete high-level rehabs of 4 units per day including new cabinetry, appliances, flooring, LED lighting, baths, quartz and plumbing while the tenant still occupies the unit.

Founding Cabinet Brothers in 2008  he was integral in developing the  Cabinet Brothers “Elegant Rough Use Brand” uniquely innovative water and scratch-resistant cabinet designed specifically to handle the long term rigors experienced in the ever-challenging multifamily environment that adding long term value to both properties and ownerships bottom line.

Glenn is a US Navy veteran specializing in avionics. Upon completion of his service, he worked for or consulted to companies such as Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Boeing and General Dynamics in both technical and ISO quality engineering related systems.



Nancy Schmitz Profile Image

In 2008, as one of the co-founding members of Multifamily Acquisition Group ("MAG"), she, along with co-founder, Glenn Mendoza, brought together a management team of successful and experienced real estate professionals who partnered and targeted acquisitions in the Midwest and Southwest regions of the country.


Her contributions in property sourcing, valuation, and analysis were instrumental in MAG's early acquisitions yielding exceptional above-average ROI for its investors.

Her understanding of emerging market dynamics, market cycles, and key metrics contribute to the more conservative approach in all of MAG’s real estate acquisitions.

During the years 2012-2018, Nancy was the managing broker for Greystar’s Illinois property management portfolio where she supervised 90+ leasing agents and 20+ branch office locations as it relates to compliance with the State of Illinois Real Estate License Law, and Federal and State Fair Housing laws. She was responsible for the implementation, training, and compliance of Office Policy as set forth under the rules governed by the State of Illinois Real Estate License Act.



Donna Hickey Profile Image

Multifaceted, multidimensional are just some words that describe Donna Hickey when talking about the Multifamily Management Business.  Having a career spanning decades her expertise is deep as it is wide specializing in new acquisitions, renovations,  distressed property management, new developments along with marketing and training.


Donna's continuing education is second to none allowing her to train and develop new and experienced property managers, regionals, and related administration personnel quickly after the acquisition and throughout a given hold period.

Donna is a sought after real estate advisor, a national speaker in the industry and a published author



Tricia Mendoza Profile Image

Tricia brings over 30 plus years of construction/accounting/paralegal assistance is invaluable in synchronizing all facets of administrative processes, document, contract review, and procedure development and implementations.

Provides investor report research, accounting and tax preparations, K1’s oversight, and distribution control and review during acquisitions, refinances and dispositions.

An integral part of the acquisition phase in coordinating Intrastate contracting, costing, reconciliations, lien waivers, estimating, private placement documents, payables receivable alongside payroll activities training.

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