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Our mission is to both safeguard and

improve the communities we invest in throughout the USA. 


We specialize in multifamily assets with a value-add, repositioning investments including LIHTC, True Distress, Core-Plus and Ground Up Development.


Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)

LIHTC assets are stable with high occupancy and tend to be rented at rates far below market insulating investors from any downturns in the market. Given the complexity of these transactions, the buyer pool for LIHTC assets is a fraction of market rate properties. LIHTC also assists in purchasing higher quality assets in barrier to entry markets.

True Distress

These assets tend to suffer from significant vacancies and lower rents in relation to the market. The properties have substantial deferred maintenance and require an infusion of capital to bring them in line with competitors. Low initial cash yields are offset by the tremendous value generation associated with stabilizing and selling the asset.

Core-Plus / Opportunistic Value Add

These assets are relatively stabilized with high occupancy and little loss to lease and offer investors stable yields with the potential for appreciation. These deals tend to need a modest capital infusion to achieve optimal market performance. These transactions are cash flow positive day one and have a 4 to 10-year investment term.

Ground Up Development

Develops new multi-family product utilizing both conventional financing and the government-backed HUD loans. This asset class has an investment horizon of approximately 5 to 7 years, yet retains short term exceptional yield potential should product be delivered into an aggressive investment market.


We pair our investment know-how with our branded Rapid Unit Renovation Program

to produce full cycle projects that are both profitable and beneficial.

Our value-add approach is unique, and when we say "community occupied," we mean it! Our proven strategy allows us to renovate the interior, exterior, and amenity areas with mid-high spec level finishes while keeping the property occupied during the renovation period.


It's our commitment to innovation and transactional experience that allows MAG to succeed time and time again. With years in the multifamily industry, we've developed a scalable formula that is proven and effective. 


At MAG, we handle property budgets, construction, the overall scope of work, contracts, and asset management.



We strive to have contracts and schedules negotiated and predetermined prior to the closing of a given project.



We utilize outside expert and objective 3rd party property managers with our asset management teams working closely with all parties throughout the hold.


We have been responsible for building wealth for our investors in 16 states and 45 cities allowing participation in risk-adjusted transactions. We serve as a general partner, asset manager and co-investor in the majority of transactions.

Our investment timelines and yields vary dependent on the type of investment, particular strategy and specific property.

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